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Family and Social Worker

We have tailored our programs to aim at  providing a balanced approach to maintaining good health, provide skills and opportunities to grow in your journey. We don't believe in one box fits all, our programs are unique to the person's needs. 


Some of our programs can be funded through NDIS and Medicare items.*


Our Services

  • Connect2well programs - a 10 week program that targets people's strengths and provides opportunities to develop skills that would help to reach the participants goals and provide tools to manage their mental health.  This is delivered through a multidisciplinary approach.


  • Parenting programs - Providing parenting skills and education about child development, small group of parents coming together to share their journey in parenting and equipping themselves with additional tools.  

  • Skill building programs-  programs designed to teach individual life skills such as budgeting, relationships, using public transport and other independent skills. 

  • Community access - This program is aimed to recipients of NDIS - they provide opportunities to access the community as a group or individually with staff members.   These programs and outings are organized based on the individual's needs, preferences, their current links to the community and goals,

  • They also provide an opportunity for some to access the community with family members or existing friends. 

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1/15 Hill Street, Camden NSW 2570




PHONE : (02) 46107439



Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 6.00pm

Sat:  Closed 

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